Debt Collection

Debt collection work will be conducted by David Mouland. David is a solicitor and partner of the firm and qualified as a solicitor in 1996.

David has an hourly charge rate of £215 for disputed debt actions.


Recognising that the priority of our clients in debt collection is speed, efficiency and cost, we developed an online solution to this issue.


There is no need to telephone or email us with your debt collection problem (although we are happy to speak or advise), but you may simply register and log on at:


Debtcollectoronline (DCO) is a part of Luttons Dunford, but being automated it allows you to pursue, manage and communicate with us about debts without incurring the usual solicitors' costs. We are however in the background, so that as soon as further advice is needed, or your matter turns litigious, we can seamlessly step in.


Debt recovery pricing


Through our portal – – we offer our services at the fixed costs (plus VAT) the court will permit you to recover from your debtor. As a result, in an uncontested debt action, our costs will be included in and recoverable from your debtor in the county court judgment.


These costs are


A: To issue a claim:

  1. Claims up to £500 – costs £50
  2. Claims up to £1,000 – costs £70
  3. Claims up to £5,000 – costs £80
  4. Claims over £5,000 – costs £100

B: To enter judgment:

  1. Judgments up to £5,000 - £22
  2. Judgments over £5,000 - £30


If your claim is defended we will provide quotes for various stages of proceedings, including mediation, exchange of documents and witness statements, negotiations, and all work up to and including trial. These quotes will depend upon a number of factors including:

  1. Value of the dispute
  2. The number of parties to the dispute
  3. The complexity and quantity of evidence
  4. The number of witnesses
  5. The need for expert evidence
  6. The need for counsel to advise and/or to represent you at trial


We will supply charge rates upon request. These are subject to fluctuation but will not exceed the rates commonly allowed by our local county court at Gloucester and Cheltenham.


The current charge rate normally used is £215 per hour.

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Lasting Power of Attorney & Deputyship


With an ageing population there is more and more demand from families for Lasting Power of Attorney and Deputyship arrangements. All of our Wills and Probate specialists are well versed in getting through the hoops of an application quickly and cost effectively, giving you peace of mind and the arrangement that suits your family. 


Our online debt collection service now has more than 4,000 registered users, all enjoying the benefits of quick, interactive, at-cost debt collection. There is no fee to register and the first letter before action is free. 


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