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Gain a clear understanding of your post-divorce finances after initial consultation.


With over 25 years family law experience, Dianne is renowned for her personal approach to complex cases; including divorce, financial issues relating to divorce and separation, cohabitation, separation agreements, pre-nuptial contracts and children issues.


  • 25+ years' experience
  • Personal approach
  • Ownership of entire case
  • Experience in resolving financial complexities; including pensions, business ownership, property and land ownership.


Dianne takes on the entirety of each case from start to finish, without delegating to junior staff members, to ensure a swift resolution in which she is party to every detail.


After your first consultation with Dianne you will have a better understanding of your future financial position post-divorce.


Dianne has an empathetic yet robust approach to the resolution of all matters. Her years of experience and competency mean financially complex and emotional cases are settled with minimal conflict; and she can be available out of office hours with prior agreement.


Dianne’s personal approach and wealth of experience lend themselves to ensuring family law matters are resolved with dignity, strength and compassion.

“Dianne was supportive and efficient throughout my divorce.  She made me feel at ease and confident in her abilities, that was such a relief for me and my family.  Thank you.”

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Areas of Expertise

Divorce & Divorce Finances

Divorce is sensitive, emotionally charged and often has financial complexities. Dianne treats all her cases with the utmost empathy and compassion to ensure the ideal outcome for her client, with as little stress as possible.


Dianne is highly experienced in negotiating the financial aspects relating to divorce, such as the division of assets and inheritance issues, pensions, businesses and land.


With Dianne's experience, she manages the statutory divorce process with efficiency - petitioning for divorce, obtaining the decree nisi and finally the decree absolute.


Following your initial consultation with Dianne, you will have a better understanding of the potential financial position you are likely to be in post-divorce.


Dianne’s vast experience means she can quickly understand your current financial setup and the most likely outcome for your personal financial situation.


Dianne is well versed in conducting divorce in relation to more complex matters involving business-ownership, land and property ownership.

Cohabitation Issues & Contracts

Over recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of cohabiting couples. If a cohabiting relationship breaks down there is very little protection for the weaker partner, with families facing real difficulties should they split up, particularly when children are involved.


Dianne can support you through this process, whether that's formulating cohabitation contracts or resolving issues after the breakdown of a cohabiting relationship.

Separation Agreements

A Separation Agreement is a method of setting out financial arrangements legally prior to petitioning for divorce. Such agreements can cover financial complexities regarding mortgage/ rent payments, or relate to the residency of children.


Separation Agreements can provide clarity for both parties pending the divorce process, and puts less pressure on a couple as they are going through the divorce process.


Dianne is well-versed in the mediation and formulation of Separation Agreements, to bring peace of mind to her client.

Pre-nuptial Contracts

The number of couples acquiring pre-nuptial contracts before getting married is on the increase. A pre-nuptial contract sets out how assets and property are to be divided up between a couple should the marriage end in divorce.


In the event of a divorce, the pre-nuptial contract explains how those belongings will be divided up.


Dianne's experience in formulating pre-nuptial contracts will guide you through the entire process with ease and sensitivity.

Children Issues

Dianne is experienced in all legal matters relating to children following the breakdown of a relationship, such as Child Arrangement Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issue Orders. 


Dianne understands the importance of coming to a resolution as quickly as possible when it comes to cases involving children, and is competent in achieving the desired outcome for her client.

Career History


Contracts Administrator Princeton, USA



LLB (Hons) 2:1

qualification LSF

Trainee Solicitor





Family Solicitor



Local Law Society

Women in Business Member (WEB)

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